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Still Here?

You guys still here? We’ve just put up another new post, and not a week after our big double-issue! If you haven’t gone over to the other side, you might be missing a lot. So head on over to the new Geekmadness at!

If you’ve had us in your feed readers, thank you very much, but it’s time to update your feed as well! Go on and edit the feed URL of Geekmadness to You can also click on that link to save a Live Bookmark with Firefox.

If you don’t use a feed reader but still don’t wanna miss out on new stuff, you can receive updates straight to your email inbox. Just click on this link to subscribe!


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We’ve Moved!

Updated the incorrect links. It should be ok now.

We’ve moved to a new and better server! Please update your links and feeds to our new blog, over at

We’ll still be continuing giving you the latest scoops and the coolest news, so don’t miss out!

In celebration of our new server, we have not just one, but TWO awesome posts for you. So don’t dilly-dally, head on over to right now!

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Bin Laden in Politics

Bin Laden You know somethings terribly wrong when politicians start using names like “Bin Laden” as their political slogans for their campaign materials, As seen in this newspaper ad in a local newspaper. Ironically, the “A” in the Bin Laden acronym stands for “Advocate of Peace”……Right…don’t you worry, you have my vote.

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