First and the Last

May 28, 2007 at 8:46 am 2 comments

First and the last time that I’m going to Compass Cyberstation.

Yesterday we needed to print an important document and I had to have it printed on A4 paper, which incidentally is THE international paper size, and which most local companies are already using. Lo and behold! They don’t carry A4 paper! So we had to walk to the nearest bookstore and buy 2 pieces of A4 paper, unfortunately, only 25-piece packs were available.

After walking back to Compass and printing the document, we asked to print sticker labels on the sticker labels we brought with us. The guy manning the printer said something to the effect that they only print on bond-paper-thick paper because their printer might get damaged. So I told him, “but you have a high-end Fuji Xerox printer!” Imagine that, the guy gave me a look. I was so mad I couldn’t utter another word!

So we just let it slide and proceeded to pay for the printing. They charged me P20 for the 2 pages, which isn’t much, but by principle I couldn’t understand why they were asking me to pay the full amount to print on my own paper that I bought with my own money. So I gave them P200. Heck, they couldn’t even give me the right change! The lady asked, “Sir, we lack 5 more pesos for your change, is that ok?” Lady, how few customers a day do you have to get that you don’t have a nice round number of P180 in your cash register?

To anyone who happens to be in the vicinity of a Compass Cyberstation who happen to need computer or printing services, a word of advice–AVOID. In fact, try to avoid printing at all computer rental places altogether, which is what I’ll be doing from now on. Printer prices are dropping to as low as P3K or less. And even your Pentium 3s will still work like a charm on an Ubuntu. The cost of having your own computer with printer is lower than ever. For me, it’s time to buy new printer ink.

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  • 1. ellecross  |  May 29, 2007 at 4:25 pm

    You should’ve left to find another computer rental place. 🙂 I’m amazed you had the patience to restrain yourself from strangling them.

    I have a fear of logging in computers in rental shops, because of the keylogging … and I was never thrilled to use keyboards that were already falling apart.

    About the Printer prices, sometimes, the printer itself is not as expensive as we expected but the Ink catridges are. O_O I had that problem with our Lexmark printer. We got it on sale and thought we got a bargain for it, later I realized that the ink catridges can’t be bought here in the Philippines. >_

  • 2. punongbisyonaryo  |  May 29, 2007 at 6:08 pm

    Yeah, I really wanted to bitch at those people. I’ve never heard of people being keylogged before, but it certainly is a real risk if you think about it. Although I think in the better places, you don’t have privileges to install applications (on the other hand, if you intend on installing keyloggers, you probably have enough skillz to hack through anyway).

    Ink prices are outrageous these days; for just a little bit over the price of a colored ink cartridge and a black cartridge, you can get yourself a pretty decent printer, which makes me wonder sometimes if I should just buy a new printer rather than buying ink cartridges, and then sell my old ink-empty printer.


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